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Crappy camper

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I've just bought a vintage 1957 skyline mobile home with the intent of bringing it up to "summer camp" standards. Meaning, not a full resto, just enough to prolong it's life and give it a little love.
The (mostly) flat galvanized steel roof is a bit of a mess. Decades of patches and layers of various sealants and god knows what. Rust and mildew and dents. My initial thought was to lay down a single sheet of EPDM and be done with it, but i'm unclear what kind of prep that would involve. Can I lay it down directly over the metal and various other compunds with adhesive? Or must I lay down some sort of decking over the original skin. Or should I spend the time scraping off all the old materials then reseal it with a liquid membrane, THEN do the EPDM. Or just skip the EPDM all together. Just looking for the most cost effective way to fix the old girl up without a total rebuild. Halp! Thanks in advance.
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