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I’m a cabinet maker, but was asked to help my 90 year old father in-law. He had a new roof installed on his ranch house with single car garage 3 years ago this June. The roof is leaking badly. Here is what I found. The garage juts our proud of the house about 6 feet. The garage was roofed first. The shingle at a point of intersection at the valley were not cut short but allowed to overlay or lay on the house roof deck. When the house roof was laid they were cut at the intersection as if the were installing valley flashing. But no metal valley flashing was installed. So there is one course of shingles from the roof laying under the house roof. I have always used valley flashing and I have never seen a roof like this and it definitely leaking. Ideally it should be a tear off and redo, but at 90 years old he just didn’t want to do it, especially when the roof is not year three years old. The roofing contractor is no where to be found and his number disconnected. I need to help him, but frankly I’m uncertain what to do. Can anyone help. I as trying to figure out a way to Install valley flashing, but no ideas of what would happen if I cut the shingles and try and slide valley metal under it. It just doesn’t seem wise. Maybe rubber membrane, but the asphalt may eat it up. I would certainly appreciate any help. I’m trying to attach a picture. I think the roofer was trying to weave the shingles but did not know how. With all the leaking he also has a mold problem. Thanks in advance.

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