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Hopefully this will be a quick question...we had conflicting reports from two roofing companies on how many layers of shingles are on our house.

Company A says we have two layers of shingles...I was inclined to believe them since they did the work originally so they should know in theory.

Company B said we do not have two layers even though it looks like we do because we have C bits at the end which are typically used with two layers. I can't remember the exact term - please forgive my ignorance. They also provided this picture which seems to show one layer of shingles.

Can anyone who knows more about roofing please have a quick look and verify that Company B is correct? It sure looks like one layer to me.

Company A is proposing a complete tear off and new roof. Company B is proposing a repair of a small area and calling Company A charlatans. The roof was redone three years ago (with with either a second layer or completely redone, pending on who you believe). IMG_6191.jpg 

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