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I need a new roof on my 2400 sq. ft. Florida home. Shingle & flat. This company got good ratings. I don't know what's "normal" & what's not. Does this proposal look OK on its surface?

XXX Roofing proposes to provide materials and to perform the necessary labor to complete the following specifications:


1. Obtain a roofing permit and coordinate all necessary inspections with the City/County.

2. Coordinate staging areas, dumpster locations, and preferred order of operation with Owner/HOA.

3. Adhere to OSHA’s safety guidelines to the installation and use of all protective equipment.

4. Clean surrounding work area on a daily basis and ensure that all job related debris is removed.

5. Tear off all roofing materials/plies and nails down to bare deck.

6. Deck will be inspected and then renailed per Code.

7. Remove and replace any rotted or damaged decking: ALL sheets included, then $0 per sheet thereafter.

8. Remove and replace any rotted or damaged fascia: ALL linear feet included, then $0 per linear foot thereafter along roof section being replaced.

9. Install 30# felt paper over entire sloped roof, fastened with tin-tags per Code.

10. Install 75# base over entire flat roof, fastened with tin-tags per Code with a single layer of hot mopped ply IV felt paper.

11. Install required A/P vents, penetration flashing/boots, valley metal, roof transition flashing, and drip edge flashings, scuppers, termination bars, counter flashing, AC pitch pans, and cant strips per Code.

12. Install new shingle (sloped) and modified (flat) roofing materials to Code.

Shingle Brand: Owner/HOA’s Choice Style: Owner/HOA’s Choice Color: Owner/HOA’s Choice

13. Furnish a waiver/release of lien, a copy of the permit upon completion of the job and receipt of final payment.

14. Warrant all of its labor for a period of 7 years. Materials will be covered by applicable manufacturer’s warranties.

We, the contractor shall complete the specifications above for the sum of: $ 12,325


PAYMENT TERMS: 10% Deposit, 30% when permit obtained, 40% post completion of first City/County inspection, and the remainder due upon completion of the City/County Final inspection.


FORMS OF PAYMENT: We accept checks, money orders, cash, and all major credit cards. (All checks are to be made payable to XXX Roofing)




I have read both pages of this contract and fully understand the contents thereof. The above pricing, specifications, scope, terms, and conditions are hereby accepted. XXX Roofing is authorized to perform the work as specified above and payments shall be made as outlined.


____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ Client Signature Printed Client Name Accepted Date


____________________________ ____________________________

Representative Signature Printed Representative’s Name

Page 1 of 2


Terms and Conditions

This contract and any agreement made pursuant is between XXX Roofing hereinafter referred to as “Company” and the Client(s) named herein on the reverse side will be subject to all appropriate laws, regulations, and other ordinances of the State of Florida and the terms and conditions.

1. This contract is composed of this Terms and Conditions page, the previous Proposal page, and shall be considered to be the entire contract by all parties.

2. This proposal will expire in 90 days from the date generated. After 90 days, Company reserves the right to revise the contract.

3. The prices and conditions are hereby accepted and Company is authorized to do the work outlined on the contract’s face page. The Client agrees to be responsible for all costs of collections including attorney’s fees, court costs, liens to the property and other related costs.

4. The quotation or the face hereof does not include expenses or charges for bond insurance premiums or cost beyond normal insurance coverage and any such additional expenses, premiums or cost shall be added to the amount of the contract.

5. Company shall pay all valid bills, charges for materials, and labor arising out of the agreed work and will hold the property harmless against all liens and claims of lien for labor and materials filed against the property providing the Company is paid in accordance with the contract terms.

6. Client is hereby notified that they may cancel this contract at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of acceptance. If the contract is cancelled by the signer after the allotted three business days, the Client shall pay 20 percent (20%) of the contract price as liquidated damages, not as a penalty, and the Company agrees to accept such as a reasonable and just compensation for said cancellation.

7. If any provisions of the contract should be held to be invalid or unenforceable the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the contract shall be affected thereby.

8. ORAL PROMISES: Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any oral promises. All terms and conditions must appear in writing.

9. In the event that any conflict exists between any estimate of costs of construction and the terms of the Contract shall be controlling. Company may substitute materials that are equal to those specified if Company deems it advisable to do so or due to material availability issues. All substitutes will be compatible as per manufacturer’s specifications.

10. Company agrees to complete the work in a substantial and workmanlike manner but is not responsible for failures or defects that result from work done by others prior to or at the time of subsequent work done under the agreement. Failure to keep gutters, downspouts and the roof reasonable clear of leaves or obstructions, which causes damage to the roof, may void all warranties. Failure of the Client to authorize Company to undertake needed repairs or replacement of fascia, vents, defective or deteriorated roofing or roofing underlayment, sheathing, rafting, structural members, sliding masonry, caulking medal edging or flashing of any type will not become Company’s responsibility.

11. The Company shall not be liable for failure of performances due to labor controversies, strikes, fires, weather, and inability to obtain material from unusual sources or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Company.

12. The Company is not responsible for any damage and mold intrusion on or below the roof due to leaks by excessive wind driven rain, ice, or hail during the warranty period. Excessive wind is 65 mph or greater.

13. Acts of God, such as named storms, hurricanes, or earthquakes causing damage will void Company’s warranties. Company shall no t be responsible for any damage occasioned by Acts of God, by the Client, or any other causes beyond the control of Company unless otherwise se stated .

14. The Company shall have no responsibility for damages from rain, fire, hurricane, or other perils, as is normally contemplated to be covered by Homeowners insurance or Business Risk insurance unless specified written agreement be made thereof prior to commencement of the work.

15. Company’s maximum liability is limited to the amount paid by the Client to Company for the work described on the reverse of this contract. Company’s liability from damage caused by leakage during or after the work is limited to repairing the leaks only.

16. Replacement of deteriorated decking, fascia boards, roof jacks, ventilators, and other materials unless otherwise stated in the contract, are not included and will be charges as an extra on a time basis.

17. Where colors are to be matched, Company shall make every reasonable effort to do so using standard colors and materials, but does not guarantee a perfect match. Company is not responsible for cement fading or discoloring from mud up work on tile installation.

18. Unless written into the contract, Company’s price does not include repairs to damage caused by termites or other pest infestation. Company reserves the right to void this contract if this type of damage is discovered after starting work.

19. UNFORSEEN CONDITIONS: Such as improper installation or installation not acceptable to local codes and manufacturer’s specifications gives Company the option to discontinue work without liability. This contract is based on visual conditions. If unforeseen conditions should arise that could not be determined by visual inspection, then such additional work shall be performed on a firm basis or time plus material basis at the sole discretion of Company. Where more than one existing roof layer must be removed from the top roof and the original roof was stuck to the deck, and if insulation is hidden under roofing felts, add $50.00 per hour per man to contract price, plus additional crane costs on jobs that require a crane, unless stated otherwise on the face of the contract.

20. Company is not responsible for driveway, curbs and sidewalks, or neither for floral damage, for debris filtering through exposed beam ceilings, or other damages caused in connection with the fulfillment of the agreement; nor for damage to interior property when caused by normal vibrations created in the installation process, i.e. nail pops or drywall cracks.

21. The warranty period begins once all required inspections/completion of work is performed. The warranty does not become effective until the amount due is paid in full, according to the outlined Payment Terms. Any maintenance completed under the warranty does not renew the date the warranty began.

22. This contract or warrant shall not be assigned/transferred except by or with written permission from the Company.

23. Any controversy or claim arising out of, relating to, or in connection with this contract, or in breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Construction Industry Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and Judgment upon the award rendered by the Arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.


According to Florida’s construction lien law (sections 713.001-713.37, Florida statutes), those who work on your property or provide materials and services and are not paid in full have a right to enforce their claim for payment against your property. This claim is known as a construction lien. If your contractor or a subcontractor fails to pay subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, or material suppliers, those people who are owed money may look to your property for payment, even if you have already paid your contractor in full. If you fail to pay your contractor, your contractor may also have a lien on your property. This means if a lien is filed your property could be sold against your will to pay for labor, materials, or other services that your contractor or a subcontractor may have failed to pay. To protect yourself, you should stipulate in this contract that before any payment is made, your contractor is required to provide you with a written release of lien from any person or company that has provided to you a “notice to owner.” Florida’s construction lien law is complex, and it is recommended that you consult an attorney.



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Looks good...except for the manufacture's warranty and workmanship warranty should be noted clearly as to length of time. A 7 year warranty is not very long. Warranty on flat roof and slope roof areas may be different. If a workmanship warranty is being provided what is covered and what is not? The terms and conditions vary from state to state. Asked for a certificate of insurance. Check on how many years company has been in business.
Roofing HatchetMAN

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Awesome, thanks for posting this roofing proposal for us to review.  
I don't have much time to read through it at the moment.  I agree with
Drew though. A good Workmanship warranty on your roof is the most important.  

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It is looking awesome.

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That's good. 
Abigail Carter

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received a quote to tend to my roof 

well to have it cleaned as supposed to renewing
trying to balance the cost between either a new roof or a proper clean.

the issue is the square meterage is different on several of the quotes

MY roof

L=14.6 MTRS
W= 10 MTRS


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Thanks for sharing this information with us here. One should wisely check on which company they are choosing; the company they would be hiring should be able to give the solution to your problem. The company should be experienced in dealing in the pest control profession so that it can be trusted. One can look for a genuine pest controller at Exterminator Newtown CT by looking for it online.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing it all the details of the looking good. You can also check out the Mk Custom Roofing site too.
My work: Roofing Contractor 
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