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Back in 2011 I had a new roof put on.  The house was built in 1988 and very well built by custom home builder.  The other day I was installing a new bathroom fan and noticed that both bathroom vents were stapled to the rafters under new plywood that they had put down during the new roofing.  By the looks of it looks like they forgot to go back and install the new vents.  I knew nothing at the time about bathroom venting but after noticing mold growing all over that wasn't there went I bought the house in 2005 my research told me never ever vent moist bathroom air into the attic.  The contractor is giving me a hard time about whether it was or was not on the scope of things to do.  If it's code and knew it would not pass an inspection why would it not be on the scope?

I called the city and they said at the time in 2011 it was code to vent bathrooms outside of the attic (M1501).  They also mentioned they have no record of an inspection being done although they have the permit on record.  Wouldn't this be standard and required even back in 2011 to revent the bathroom if you had to remove the vents due to new sheeting or am I missing something here?
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