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Is polyurea spray-on lining coating materials, “The Ultimate Roof Defense?”

I researched Spray-on Lining / Coatings reviews, seems really profitable but can’t have complaints, won’t get taken just because of nice reviews. Need any hard core experience!

Receiving many requests for an alternative on a foam roof such as SPF with a topcoat. I was doing some research and comparison of UV stable polyurethane products when I found a solution in different spray-lining coatings brands for truck bed liners. I have seen polyurethane roof sprays, but had never heard of polyurea spray-lining type coatings for roofs. This supposedly is done in one shot, one thick layer, no topcoat, is stronger, etc. Would like to hear feedback on your experiences in lieu of my reading.

Here is what I found in my comparisons of Rhino Linings, LineX, Scorpion Coatings, Flexible Lining Systems, Herculiner, and Speedliner. Rhino & Line-X require you to either use “their” dealers or become a dealer. I called various sprayed-lining dealers for pricing. All were body shops, truck dealers; automotive guys. None were roofing professionals. Scorpion & Speedliner were similar, lower cost to be their dealer but the stuff was about 3X price in gallons or drums. Herculiner is a DIY bedliner sold retail but its plain polyurethane, with plastic roller, junk.

Of these six, it seems Flexible Lining Systems has the best deals, DIY or from these SLC dealers that know construction. Two websites  & addressed roofing, with numerous applications capabilities, and had the information I needed for the customer, along with dealer info and tips.

I’m still unsure, this info may be beat, I trust several more exp’d guys with this polyurea must exist as members here. So far here’s my take:

Polyurea is the strongest “Spray-Lining & Coatings” material for insulating and coating roofs simultaneously. It is overall more durable, easier and faster to apply and costs five times less than polyurethane coatings. In addition, polyurea gives best protection against radon gasses, it's water proof and stays elastic in all weather conditions and temperatures. It fills all voids, dries up instantly and leaves no pinholes.

  • Super quick to apply
  • No primer needed
  • Formulas are developed especially for coating
  • Phenomenal cost savings - 1mm layer equals to 5-7 times foam/topcoat tensile psi            
  • Works on any roofs - tin and bitumen roofs, over split tar in poor condition (must clean remove loose stuff)
  • More durable than polyurethane blows acrylic away  

Dries instantly - you can walk on it in 2 minutes.



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