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Recently, I built a very small enclosure to house a sand separator for my water well system. Because of the method I used to build the enclosure, I did not want roofing nails protruding through the top. Therefore, I used "Liquid Nails" adhesive to adhere a sheet of galvanized roof roll material to the top. The top is small in size and measures approximately 40 inches X 20 inches.
The galvanized material is doing well and I have no leaks whatsoever, but I thought I would put a few leftover shingles to good use and adhere them to the top of the galvanized material. It would certainly make things appear much more attractive!
Can liquid nails be used to adhere the asphalt shingles to the galvanized material OR is there a better/more preferred adhesive? Again, I do NOT want to use nails! But, I do want an adhesive that will hold the shingles long term and not let loose within a few years of exposure. (If important, the location of this enclosure is in a shaded area and the roof will get very little direct sun exposure)
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