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I am looking for some help and advice with our dormer roof.

A building contractor completed our dormer loft conversion around two years ago. However, we have been having major issues with tiles lifting. It started with minor creaking and chatter to over the last year the tiles have been lifting and crashing back down on the timber frame. Quite a few of the tiles have started to crack and come loose.

The tiles that were fitted where Calderdale Edge concrete tiles. Online these tiles say they support a 16.5 degree pitch. It has come to our attention that our roof pitch is only 9 degrees. Our roof faces west over a 50-acre field so we are very exposed to high winds.

We have spoken with the builder and he has suggested pinning all the tiles and that this will fix the issues. But we are concerned that this will hide the issue for a few more years rather than fixing it.

I don't know much about roofing but have I spent the last week or so researching and it seems our only way forward would be to replace the current tiles with some type of flat roofing systems such as felt or fibreglass.

The builder is very insistent that pinning will work, please can someone point me in the right direction to ensure we get a solution which will last the years to come and not a temporary fix until his 5-year warranty runs out.

Thank you

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