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We recently bought a house and prior to buying it, the sellers had to have a licensed roofer fix the leak in the detached, oversized 1-car garage. Shortly before finalizing the purchase, we realized the roof work had been paid for by the sellers, but our inspector told us no work had been done since the first time he did the inspection. The roofers came back out and we watched them work on the roof, so we bought the house. (The invoice says "seal gravel stop as needed, seal roof whole" for the tar and gravel roof, and ran about $1000). It has been almost a month now of scheduling appointments for them to come back out and fix it (9 appointments total, 3 times actually showing up without giving any notice the other times). At this point we are just trying to get a refund. What is the normal course of action in these situations? They have been up working on the roof, but it has done nothing whatsoever to help with the leak. If they refuse to give us a refund, what is our best course of action? If they really "sealed the whole roof", is it possible for it to still be leaking? We have doubts that they did the work to the extent they were supposed to since the first time around they said they had completed it and hadn't done anything at all.
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